Accurate and Timely Provider Directories with Curatus


Provider Directory Accuracy Continues to Challenge Health Plans

Accurate and timely Provider Directories are a critical component to good health plan operations. CMS audits in recent years have highlighted the challenges that health plans face with many scoring well below the target accuracy rate of 90 percent. As providers continue to change locations, hours, and the way they practice (including expanding telehealth options) as we battle Covid-19, it is critical for plans to provide their members easy to use real time and accurate directories that are flexible and easy for health plans to administer. Here are just some of the ways we achieve this at Curatus:

  • Connecting directly into health plan systems via API to ensure a constant flow of the most current data
  • Integrating a myriad of public and private data sources
  • Constant Accuracy Scoring to identify and alert to changes or deficiencies in data
  • Integrated provider engagement for attestation when required for compliance or where technology does not provide a clear picture

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    Provider Directory Listing Example from ProviderLenz

    Example of a provider directory record
    Inaccurate Provider Data – What Can it Cost You?