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Our Vision

To increase customer value by simplifying their data processes, relating data entities across opaque relationships, and by making it all readily accessible and simple to use.

Mission Statement

Improve outcomes for patients and health plans by connecting, relating, and curating accurate provider datasets in a timely, cheerful, and efficient manner.

Core Values

Animas Data Solutions Values: Integrity, Innovation, Collaboration, Compassion, Quality
Animas Data Solutions Values: IntegrityAnimas Data Solutions Values: InnovationAnimas Data Solutions Values: CollaborationAnimas Data Solutions Values: CompassionAnimas Data Solutions Values: Quality

Curatus and Provider Data

Provider data management has been a fragmented undertaking, utilizing multiple vendors engaged by various operational areas within a health plan. This approach results in high data error rates, unnecessary costs, lost revenue, and heavy administrative burden.

Curatus is a healthcare tech company that offers full-service provider data curation, enrichment, management, and governance to the Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and commercial payer markets.

Our ProviderLenzTM platform powers the automated dissemination of enriched provider data in real-time and behind-the-scenes for ALL payer use cases based on a single ‘source of truth’ Master Provider Index. This means that all operational processes within a payer’s organization are always utilizing the same and most up-to-date provider data available.

All this is achieved with a single vendor and with no changes to a payer’s current IT infrastructure.

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Improve Provider Data Accuracy and Completeness